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San Bernardino County Fairgrounds Partnership

Under the direction of James Martinez; Chief Instructor and Captain of the SVC Campus Police Department, Southwestern Vocational College has teamed up with the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds to increase security training, along with the County of San Bernardino Workforce Development and the Job Centers of America in the High Desert area for job placement in the immediate area.
This new partnership and collaboration will allow a greater dynamic training program which include: Campus Security, Public Safety/Security Officer and Emergency Response Officer with the protective services profession to enhance public safety in community. All programs include job placement services with our career center. These programs are unique because it combines student mentoring with hands-on job training, additional safety techniques, and protective services.
James Martinez, CEO, Veteran, and founder of Southwestern Vocational College stated “I created SVC upon returning home from Iraq in 2003 after serving on active duty in the U.S. Army”. Captain Martinez also mentions how he started the training program initially for veterans but then realized that there was a greater need the community. He said “not only did our veterans need job placement, but also our families and the general community needed better safety and training”. Captain Martinez reassures us that by expanding and serving the High Desert community, they are now able to make an impact by working with other organizations such as Goodwill Industries, San Bernardino County Housing Authority, along with their new location at the Victorville Fairgrounds.
“I am very grateful for the opportunity to partnership and collaborate with the Victorville Fair grounds. It is our goal to create and develop more job training programs to make a positive impact in our communities we serve” declares Captain Martinez.

Geoff Hinds, CEO/General Manager of San Bernardino County Fairgrounds mentions how he was intrigued by all the programs SVC has to offer because it allows for multiple opportunities with just one organization. Being able to offer job training, job placement services, community mentoring, and additional public safety services for the Fairgrounds is a win-win situation for everyone. CEO Hines says he looks forward to a great year and working with Southwestern Vocational College.


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