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Lesson: SVC Email through Android App

This one.


Step 1

Tap the “Email” icon from the home screen or application menu to launch the Email app on your Android device.

Step 2

Press the “Menu” key, and then tap “Accounts.”

Step 3

Press the “Menu” key, and then tap “Add Account.” The New Email Account screen opens.

Step 4

Type your ** email address in the Username field, and then type your password in the Password box. Tap “Next.”


In some cases this may be as far as you have to go. However, if your phone requires more information, please go to Other Options below and continue.

 Other Options

Sometimes our Android phones like to think they’re smarter than we are. Often times the standard email that comes with your Android device (phone, tablet, etc.) don’t always recognize our email needs. So, in order to stop our evil Android Overlords from ruling our device lives, please follow the instructions below.

Step 1

Tap “Play Store” icon from the home screen or application menu to launch the Play Store app on your Android device.

Step 2

In the App “Search” area type “Email Applications” and push the Magnifying Glass Icon.

Step 3

A list of Email Applications for your phone will appear. Please select the Blue Mail application.

Step 4

Install the Blue Mail Application.

Step 5

Once the Application has been installed, select the icon to start it.

Step 6

The screen will open and ask you to:
1) Add Google Account
2) Add Other Account

Step 7

Select “Add Other Account”

Step 8

A list of accounts will appear. Please select “Other Email”.

Step 9

The next screen to appear will ask for your email and password. Below this is a small check box with the word “Automatic”. Uncheck this box!

Step 10

Enter you email address and password and then click next.

Step 11

The next page will offer you 3 choices. Please select “POP3”.

Step 12

Almost done, so stay with me. The next page to pop up will be for your incoming settings. This is the way you “receive email”. Scroll down to “POP3 Server” and enter the following: “” without the quotes and then click next.

Step 13

Blue Mail will now check your Incoming server. This should only take a second.

Step 14

Blue Mail will now check your Outgoing server. This will take up to 30 seconds so just relax.

Step 15

The next page will pop up automatically and ask for the Outgoing Server Settings. Please enter the following:
Under SMTP server enter “” without the quotations.
Use the Security dropdown and select “SSL/TLS”
Under Port, make sure the number is 465. Then select “Next”

Step 16

The hard part is over! A screen will pop and ask for your name so others will know who your email came from.

Step 17

Next, it asks you for a category for your email. This just leave as is and click next.

Step 18

You are done! That’s it! It’s Miller time! You email will now come to you through Blue Mail. Party on, Wayne.


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