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Heart of a Warrior Project


Did you know that U.S. Military Veterans lose their educational benefits after 10 years? We want to do something about it! Through the collaboration of many sponsors, this Star Wars Fan Film, will be aired to create scholarships for our American veterans to receive an education from Southwestern Vocational College. Every member of the cast and production crew involved in this project are donating their time and effort free of charge. All sponsors are donating their equipment, facilities, financial backing, and resources free of charge. All of these incredible individuals are coming together to support our veterans and help them get a scholarship from Southwestern Vocational College. This ENTIRE endeavor is a non-profit project. Not one cent is made that doesn’t go directly back to veterans!

Cards_FThough originally titled, Star Wars: Heart of a Soldier, we have recently re-titled the project. We know that there are many branches of American Military Service and we realized, as important as the project is, we were a little short sighted in our project name. Originally the concept behind using the word “soldiers” was to be used in conjunction with the identifying of “Troopers” and service people. But, at the core of every American Service Person, is the heart of a warrior. The warrior, man or woman, that gets up every morning and cages the fear of what the day may bring so that they can unleash the tiger of strength to deal with that day, all the while allowing citizens of the United States to be free and safe.

Cards_BThis project is more than just a Star Wars Fan Film, this project is a way to say thank you to U.S. Veterans and help them receive a scholarship and education, as well as give the American public a glimpse into their lives.

So, if you haven’t heard it today American Servicemen, both past and present:

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE! From the bottom of hearts, you are the source of our freedom, an inspiration of courage and honor and we thank you for all dedication and service to all of those who will never even know your names. Bless you.


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