Dana Gardner Project

Dana Gardner was born and raised in the inland Empire and served with the San Bernardino County recorder’s office for over 26 years. As a single mom she raised three great kids with two grandchildren and a third on the way. Dana has 3 sisters and numerous nieces and nephews. Her mother was always proud of her  and her successes, her mom would say that Dana had a loving heart but always determined with a drive and spirit to succeed. Over her time at the recorder’s office Dana rose through the ranks of the County to become an Assistant Chief Deputy Recorder. 
A great supervisor who loved her staff and people. She love to develop new workers, provide them guidance, wisdom and motivation in their profession. Always concerned with Public Safety Dana always had great ideas and plans to work with Southwestern Vocational College in creating new ways for training in Security and Protective Services. 
For my friend, Dana your spirit will live on and we will never forget you.  
The Dana project:  is designed to raise money and use those dollars raised towards the Emergency Services Officer training program through Southwestern Vocational College, A Public Non-Profit Vocational School that specialized in Public Safety training and protective services a certification.
This program was created specifically for the Dana project. A hands-on program were Southwestern Vocational College can train and certify Public Safety Officers within the state of California and Emergency Medical Technicians to meet the demanding training and certification needs of the national registry. NOTE: Southwestern Vocational College is currently under review and certification through the Inland County Emergency Management Agency of San Bernardino County. (ICEMA)
This program is designed to inspire, guide and motivate those individuals who wish to enter into this profession but are hard-pressed to obtain grant funding or have means to pay for this type of education program.

The purpose of the Dana project is to produce more emergency services personnel that are able to meet the demands of today.