About SVC

Southwestern Vocational College was designed to provide Workforce development and Vocational job training within the multifaceted Emergency Medical Technician, Public Safety and Security professions. As part of our commitment to serving our community and educational institutions both public and private, we are a Vocational, Occupation and job training school. We currently have partnerships and collaborations with the San Bernardino adult school, Bright futures Academy, private charter school, Summit Leadership Academy of the High Desert, Public Charter School, Pomona Unified School District, and San Antonio Regional Occupation Programs.

There is no charge for being a part of our program, however Our school has two partnerships and collaborations with the County of San Bernardino’s Americas Job Centers of California, the Employment Development Department, and Goodwill industries of Southern California, Where we receive federal funding for operating our training programs.

As part of our Workforce Development and Vocational Training Program, our Campus, Public Safety Department provides Hands-on training within the program where the students get to learn by doing. Additionally, students in the Emergency Medical Technician Program, obtain 24 hours of actual work experience serving in and alongside the emergency ambulance companies.


Our Mission:

To prevent victimization through education, training, innovation and safety solutions for our communities. Our goals are achieved through partnerships with community leaders and public safety agencies. To accomplish this mission, we will provide our service with the highest level of honor and integrity.

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